Trap Yoga® offers classes for all skill levels, each class is capped at 20-25 people to ensure everyone gets individual attention.


trap yoga®

Trap Yoga® is a full body workout that challenges the mind and body! This athletic style yoga with dynamic sequencing will build strength, increase flexibility and strengthen the cardiovascular system. You can expect a curated playlist, to SWEAT and to stretch/flex to your limits! All levels. (Trade Marked Flow) 


muscle & flow

Fluid flow with breath-synchronized movements, adventurous and totally transformative. Strengthen all muscle groups, the nervous and cardiovascular system. Gain body awareness in addition to flexibility as you build endurance in the mind + body. Advance Level Class. 



This dance infused yoga practice will leave you relaxed and feeling sexy. An hour-long class focused on stretching + movement. Build your Tapas (inner heat) while you roll and slink your body into asana. All Levels (Trademarked Flow)